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the terror that does not have a name.

Connecting to server...
You're now chatting with a random stranger.
Say hi!

Stranger: hi
Stranger: I am looking for an eighteen-year-old girl from the usa .I chated online with her,and now I want to find her.

she likes BJORK i from china
You: it's me.
Stranger: u?
You: it's me you talked to remember? i said liked bjork
Stranger: and can u
Stranger: tell me which city
Stranger: u from which city
You: you don't remember? wow, i am disappointed.
Stranger: can u tell me u dad like what pc game
You: i told you this before...
Stranger: yes
Stranger: u froget it?
You: no i was wondering if you forgot
Stranger: u r not here i think
Stranger: her
You: why not?
Stranger: u r not here i think
You: it's me... why would i lie
Stranger: chinese
Stranger: u konw ?
You: i wouldn't lie to you just because you're Chinese.
Stranger: but
Stranger: warcaraft
You: my dad's favorite game is world of warcraft, yeah
Stranger: do u have boy freind
You: didn't you ask me this before, too
Stranger: tell me
Stranger: u have or not have
Stranger: i want confrim is u
Stranger: i want confrim
You: yeah i have one
Stranger: omg
Stranger: i find u
You: you believe me now?
Stranger: but u tell me city
You: sorry, i was trying to see if you were who i thought you were
You: don't you remember the city?
Stranger: yes
You: how can i know for sure that it's you...
Stranger: do u rember i from which city
You: of course i remember, i live there
You: i want to see if you remember
Stranger: say tell me
Stranger: whichi city i from tell me
You: ?
Stranger: tell me
You: but i told you before
Stranger: my means tell me i from which ciy
You: oh where you're from
Stranger: yes tell me
You: i don't remember the name... it's in china
Stranger: i can't confrim it's
Stranger: she's u
Stranger: she said from k... city
Stranger: but i jsut rember k
Stranger: all name i forget
You: kansas
Stranger: i dont remember
Stranger: u r she ringt?
You: that's what i've been trying to tell you.
Stranger: ok
Stranger: do u rember we talk will smith
You: do you believe me now?
You: yes we did
Stranger: so u said u like a Film
Stranger: will smith fim
Stranger: will smith actor a film
Stranger: film name
You: i like a lot of his movies do you want to know just one?
Stranger: u just tell me
You: i just tell you one?
Stranger: we have been talk about that one
Stranger: have been said
Stranger: two film
You: we talked about Pursuit of Happiness, right?
Stranger: yes
Stranger: yes
Stranger: i bellive u now
Stranger: god
You: :)
Stranger: i find u
You: it's amazing
Stranger: ya
Stranger: my website have a problme so disconnect
Stranger: sorry
You: how long were you looking for me?
Stranger: from disconnect
Stranger: we discnnect
Stranger: i try find u
You: yes... you've been looking ever since?
Stranger: low time
Stranger: i just want say sorry about disconnect
You: i was trying to find you too
You: i wanted to tell you..
You: something important
You: what i wanted to tell you is..
You: i really really...

You have disconnected.
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